Lyre2018 - World Lyre Conference 

Space; Listening - Moving - Exploring  

… is the theme of the 2018 World Lyre Conference taking place in the Netherlands

22-27 July 2018, at the Stichtse Vrije School, Socrateslaan 24, 3707GL Zeist

We are glad that we have the opportunity to make this great event happen in the Netherlands. Eight enthusiastic lyre players from all over the country have come together to organize the conference.
We are interested in exploring the notion of space around the lyre.

18 years ago the first World Lyre Conference took place.
The year 2018 can thus be seen as a Lunar Node for the Lyre Conferences.
To us this seems enough reason to question aspects of our relationship with the lyre:
“What does the lyre mean to me?”
“What kind of task does the lyre have?”

Space… Listening – Moving – Exploring

We made a convenient poster (flyer) that has all the most important information on one page.
We would be delighted if you use it to help us promoting Lyre 2018!
download this poster here:


Before the big conference there will be a smaller Lyre Pedagogy Conference taking place from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon, 20-22 July 2018.

We want to create a colourful space in which work methods and questions can be shared with each other. There will also be a lecture about the seven life processes and their connection to learning and teaching. In this way we want to inspire each other and (hopefully) create new insights for the participants own teaching practices