Welcome dear guests,
Each single day we will do our upmost to pamper the attendants of th Lyre 2018 conference this summer. A sneak preview of what you may expect from us:
All ingredients we use are from our own garden. Sustainable, fresh and delicious
Coffee & Tea Breaks
Each break we serve a piece of extra inspiration;
apart from coffee and 3 kinds of tea and infusions, we will serve a “sweet surprise”!

Farmer sandwiches with organic cheese, different kinds of meat en fish salads
Culinary Specialty like frittata, quiche, gazpacho or vegetable juices

The most important moment in your daily schedule! We serve a buffet style dinner. Fresh (grilled) vegetables, free range chicken, lamb curry and quinoa, potatoes or rice. fresh salads and crudité’s.
Before you visit your next workshop there are small cakes, muffins or profiteroles!

Diets and Vegetarians
We pay special attention to the guests with food intoleranties or diet wishes. Veggie lunch and dinner will be served from a separate buffet.

If you did not order the meals:

it is possible to order separate lunch or dinner, but you have to buy your ticket 2 days before at our information desk.

Lunch is €13,50

Dinner is €18,-