There will be a place for music sales at the conference.
We would love it if there are books and cd's from all over the world!
The sales will be focused on lyre musicbooks and lyre cd's. Books that are very closely related to Waldorf music education are also welcome, but no general philosophic or anthroposophic books.
Please contact us before the conference if you would like to sell your music.
There will also be a stand where we will sell second-hand books, the proceeds of this will go towards our volunteers at the conference. Feel free to donate your second-hand music books at the conference.

On Thursday 26 July, the exhibition of books and instruments (lyrebuilders) will be open for visitors from 16:00-18:00

For those of you still looking for accommodation: We have found another hotel in Bunnik that still has some room left, the shuttle will also drive past this location.
Please make sure to mention that you are from the conference when booking at one of the hotels on our accomodation page!

Dutch therapist can get 30 AM accreditation points from the NVKToag when joining the full program of the conference.

We are almost done arranging the evening programs.
On monday we will have a lecture by Gerhard Beilharz about the history of the lyre, illustrated by lyre music. There will also be a moment for the lyre builders to introduce themselves and their lyres.

Tuesday there will be an eurythmy performance, "Lunamare" by the Klanglicht-Ensemble, with lyre music.

On Wednesday we will play a special piece together composed and conducted by Christian Giersch.

Thursday, the final evening, there will be a public concert with contributions from our lyre colleagues from Brazil and Japan, a duo from Ireland and Iceland and a German duo.

On Monday and Tuesday afternoon, all-round musician and instrument maker Dick Verbeeck ( will work with the Youth Group. The group will start with playing together with different rhythmical instruments (14:00-15:30), after this the workshop will focus on wood carving (16:00-17:30). There might be room for other people to join this activity, so keep your ears open during the conference!

The program of the pedagogical conference is taking shape, there is now a provisional schedule and we have listed some interesting literature we want to take a look at.