Schedule of the Conference:

programma lyre2018 v14.pdf

General Conference Schedule:

Morning Plenums:
During the morning Plenums Cornelia Wiemers and Martin Tobiassen will work with us with Movement, Sound and Space.

Evening Program:
Sunday evening the Lyre 2018 organizing group will have a special program ready for you with our own vision on the theme Space: Listening - Moving - Exploring

Monday evening Gerhard Beilharz will give a lecture on the history of the lyre complemented by lyre music.

Tuesday evening we will have a concert with lyre and eurythmy from the Klanglicht Ensemble.

Wednesday evening we will play a special composition by Christian Giersch.

Thursday evening there is a public concert with contributions from our lyre colleagues from Brazil, Japan, John Billing and the duo Christian Giersch and Monika Mayr-Häcker.