Wednesday afternoon 

Suggestions for Wednesday afternoon  

1. Tour Slot Zeist (in English) at 3 pm: entrance fee: € 2.50

2. “Silent walk” o.l.v Philip Engelsman on Landgoed Beerschoten, De Bilt
price: € 5, -
Please sign up!
Every step is peace
“Silence as the source of inspiration and prosperity and the space where the voice of your destination can be heard or rather felt!”
This has become a personal experience for me during the 'walking-meditations' in retreat-sessions which I was able to follow in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh for the last few years. Thich Nhat Hanh is a Buddhist monk, writer and pacifier.
A walking-meditation is an exercise in which you walk. You walk slowly and relaxed with a smile on your face. When you exercise in this way you can feel very much at ease and your steps can be those of the most certain man on earth. You are able to leave behind all worries and fears, while peace and joy are within you. Anybody can do it. It only needs a bit of time, concious attention and the wish to be happy.
In a simple way Thich Nhat Hanh can explain you the Buddhist teachings, directly connected to the practice of daily life.
Quote from the book: 'Walking; Mindfulness for every step'.
“Nutricious footsteps: The walk meditation is just like eating food. With every step we feed our body and mind. If we walk with fear and worry, it feels like junk-food. The nourishment of the walking-meditation should be of a higher quality. Walk slowly and enjoy this meal of peace”.

3. Museum Catharijneconvent Utrecht: www.catharijneconvent
entrance fee: € 14, -

4. Museum Van Speelklok to Pierement Utrecht:
entrance fee: € 13, -

5. Ascension Dom Tower Utrecht:
entrance fee: € 9, -

6. Waterlinie Museum Bunnik:
entrance fee: € 9,

7. MOA Museum Oud Amelisweerd Bunnik (at the Stayokay!):
entrance fee: € 12, -

8. Cruise through the canals of Utrecht.
Price: ± € 15, Please sign up!

9. And furthermore of course: the cozy Slotlaan in Zeist (20 minutes walking distance) to go shopping or visit one of the terraces!