Young Lyre Players 

We welcome all young lyre players, ages 12 to 21, to Zeist to participate in our youth lyre program. In the morning there will be a special workshop given by Michal Kühn-Shavit (more information below), in the afternoon other activities (excursions) will be offered. The youth participants will take part in the main conference during the plenum and the free initiatives.

A15 'Young Lyre Players' Michal Kühn-Shavit, Germany

We welcome you young lyre players, to a special lyre workshop for youth only, age 12 to 21 years, language: English and German
Rhythm, sound, improvisation and music especially arranged for lyre are some of the things we will explore.
You are most welcome to bring other music instruments with you as well.
We are very happy to meet you and make music together!

Michal Kühn-Shavit. Music teacher in Waldorf schools, teaches (and always still learns) singing and lyre playing

Afternoon workshop by Dick Verbeeck
Monday and Tuesday afternoon the Youth Group will have a workshop by all-round musician and instrument maker Dick Verbeeck. In this workshop the group will play together on different rhythmical instruments and do some wood carving.